I stopped going to White Flint Mall a few months ago because watching it turn into a ghost town became so depressing, but the headline “Last Christmas at White Flint” [Style, Dec. 23] really hit me: This is its last Christmas.

I grew up in Silver Spring in the 1980s, and my visits to White Flint are uncountable, as are my memories. S hopping at Bloomingdale’s and Lord & Taylor with my mom. Having lunch with friends in the food court. Seeing movies at the theater. Finding the right card at Expressions. Trying on shoes at Nine West. Putting on makeup at Over the Rainbow, sampling chocolate at Godiva. Window-shopping at Esterman Estate Jewelers. Buying earrings at Christian Bernard (with some help from a store credit that my mom gave me). Seeing the big, lighted menorah along with the Christmas decorations.

While I understand that progress is inevitable, when White Flint is torn down, a little piece of me will go with it. It’s amazing what just a bunch of buildings can mean to a person.

Diane Blumenthal, Silver Spring