Regarding “Documents detail N.J. coverup” [front page, Jan. 11]:

George Washington famously said he would never tell a lie, but would New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) tell one about the famous bridge? The debate centers around what Mr. Christie knew of the traffic jams on the access lanes to the bridge and when he knew it. The governor fired a top aide in an effort to confirm that he knew nothing about the matter. However, the key issue is why the governor, widely presumed to be a presidential hopeful, didn’t demonstrate that he was interested in identifying the cause of such a travesty so that it wouldn’t happen again. Who would want such a person in the White House?

Stanley Harris Jr., Savannah, Ga.

Much like Watergate, it’s not the crime but the coverup. Gov. Chris Christie would have been better off had he said from the start: “Yes, this was me. That mayor? He wouldn’t support me and he had to pay. You’ve seen ‘The Sopranos.’ You’ve seen ‘Boardwalk Empire.’ This is what we do in New Jersey. And when I’m president, this is the wrath that Bashar al-Assad, Kim Jung Un and others will face!”

Had he taken this approach, this would just be seen as business as usual in New Jersey, not another “gate.”

Ralph Posner, Arlington