In his Dec. 23 op-ed, "Trump's hands-off, hands-on approach to justice nominees," Colbert I. King lamented the District's lack of involvement in the judicial nominating process, suggesting that President Trump should extend "senatorial courtesy" to non-voting Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D) in connection with the appointment of federal district court judges. But maybe it's time to stop relying on the "kindness of strangers" and get our own voting senators, ya think?

We can continue to complain about our lack of representation, but if we have to beg to be included, we will never be equal citizens and will continue to be subjected to the whim of whoever is in power. It is time to end this political anachronism once and for all. So here's a New Year's resolution for Mr. King and every other Washingtonian: D.C. statehood now!

Michael D. Brown, Washington

The writer, a Democrat, is a
U.S. shadow senator for the District.