Christopher Nicholas presented a harrowing situation in his Dec. 21 letter: “Desperate and terrified teachers involved in pitched gun battles in our school hallways, classrooms and gymnasiums.”

But what he missed is that the teachers would be acting in response to an already desperate situation: a crazed gunman in a school bent on killing as many people as he could before someone could arrive with the means to stop him.

Arming teachers would at least give them a better chance at ending the carnage sooner. Teachers have proved many times that they will stand between a gunman and their students. Currently, we insist that they do so unarmed. I can’t see a downside to having someone armed on the side of teachers and students.

Hal Dalton, Glen Burnie

I support the National Rifle Association’s call to have armed guards in every school, as long as the expense to employ and equip those guards is covered by a tax on the sales of guns and ammunition. In fact, I would go further and say we should have an armed guard in every preschool, movie theater and recreation center used by children, with the cost covered by the same sales tax.

Dean Amel, Arlington