The only thing wrong with praising the role of women in politics, as The Post did in the Jan. 17 front-page article “Behind many a major bill in Congress is . . . a woman,” is leaving someone out. The Post left out practically everybody, particularly Republicans.  

The article mentioned nine women, all but one a Democrat and all but two of them senators. It did not mention Republican women in House leadership who have played key roles lately in helping steer their colleagues away from gridlock and confrontation. These include the highly capable House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers of Washington and two other elected leaders of the conference, Lynn Jenkins of Kansas and Virginia Foxx of North Carolina. The Post could have also mentioned any of the seven House Republicans who chair subcommittees or the six Democrats who are ranking members of their full committees, according to the Congressional Yellow Book.

Many of these women have contributed to legislative advances in a Congress where such gains have been few and far between. I suspect that most of them would rather be singled out simply for their abilities, regardless of gender.

Mike Johnson, Washington