While reading the June 7 Metro article “After review of fire, Frager’s plans recovery,” I could not help but gasp at the sentence “On Thursday, Sgt. Dabney Hudson . . . said the city’s only tower truck was under repair and unavailable for the Frager fire.”

Wow. Ponder for one moment if you will; the capital of the most powerful country, with the greatest riches, has just one emergency fire truck with a high-capacity tower ladder. In a city where journalists constantly search for supposed scandals, here’s one staring them in the face — one with alarming and potentially horrific consequences. Why aren’t outraged residents assembling at the Wilson Building?

Tony Baldwin, Springdale

Frager’s Hardware has been a part of many lives for years. My father, John Mandis, opened the Market Inn Restaurant in Southwest Washington in 1959, and our business purchased countless items large and small at Frager’s for the next 50 years. Frager’s even ran a monthly tab for us.

Thank you, Frager’s, for the years of superb service, and best wishes for a quick return.

Carl T. Mandis, Alexandria