Thanks to Petula Dvorak for giving parents permission to loosen the reins on our kids and to stop feeling guilty when we do [“Why I let my kids walk to the corner store, and why other parents should, too,” Metro, Aug. 26]. Increasingly, we hear how the world is more dangerous than it was years ago; it seems a frightful place in which parents must oversee their children’s every move. Those who don’t are judged harshly.

My children are young adults, and I have noted people in this age group often lack the confidence to travel independently, stay alone overnight, schedule their own doctor’s appointments or move into an apartment without mom and dad assisting them. As Ms. Dvorak suggested, I checked out Free Range Kids and found the Web site a source of balance and common sense. Unfortunately, common sense may not be enough, so we may have to enact legislation to protect parents who want to give their kids freedom.

Brenda Talley, Alexandria