Regarding the May 25 editorial “The wrong move against Mr. Assange” and front-page article “Unease as Barr’s power grows”:

The message is that, in the name of avoiding criminal charges that could have a chilling effect on the free press, we should trust the press to always make correct decisions on whether the publication of classified information will harm the safety and national security of our country, notwithstanding that now anyone with a website or Twitter account can be a member of the media and regardless of the person’s or organization’s political leanings. On the other hand, we should not trust the attorney general, with the input of the national intelligence community, to make those kinds of decisions in investigating any illegal or inappropriate activities by the federal government during the earliest stages of the Russia investigation because his decisions might be political. 

While I trust The Post to make good decisions, I also trust the attorney general to do so. However, if any “reporter” discloses classified information that is harmful to the safety or national security of our nation, he or she should be prosecuted. Freedom of the press, like freedom of speech, has limits. For example, you could be prosecuted if you publish the names of our nation’s spies in other countries and get them arrested or killed because you believe the public should know about our spying activities or you just want to make a name for yourself.

The courts exist to decide these kinds of cases.

Samuel Podberesky, Riva, Md.