Regarding the Feb. 14 letters to the editor “What to name the Redskins?”:

I was born and raised in Maryland and have grown up a Washington football fan. I will be okay with a new logo to continue the tradition of Washington football. It’s long past time to do what is right in spite of the potential loss of revenue, however significant, for what is a very rich institution. History remembers and salutes those who do the right thing and vilifies those who tolerate the wrong, especially if it appears to be for the sake of profit.

When I think of Washington, D.C., I think of a proud and powerful town with leaders who represent what is best about America: freedom, righteousness, inclusiveness and equality. The ultimate icon that represents America is the president. So why not rename the team the Washington Presidents?

I believe the look and feel of a new logo can retain the proud tradition of Washington football through the use of symbols that represent our country, stars and stripes, eagle feathers, laurels, arrows, olive branches, etc., and especially images of our presidents. Maybe one day a Native American will lead our country.

Tom Brauch, Germantown

In his letter to the editor, Bill Cox pointed out that the local NFL team does not operate in the District but trains in Virginia and plays in Maryland. Therefore, a new name should be a complete makeover from the current one.

My suggestion is one that has been long associated with the region and is reinforced by the team’s expensive tickets, concessions and parking charges: the Beltway Bandits.

Stephen E. Baldwin, Bethesda

Redskins owner Dan Snyder doesn’t want to change the name of the team, naturally, because if fans hate it and it backfires, it will be an embarrassing, expensive debacle.

I think he should approach the Native Americans and have them suggest some names they would be proud to have Washington use.

Or how about the Americans? As along as we can learn to deal with the nickname having four syllables (which would require some finessing of the fight song), it would be a great replacement and certainly appropriate.

Pam Chiocca, Manassas Park

With all the thunder to replace the time-honored name Redskins, I propose several possibilities that could offend nobody and deservedly develop pride by everyone wishing to cheer on the home team.

1. Washington Americans.

2. Washington Leaders.

3. Washington Legion.

4. Washington Legacy.

Dan Gashler, Frederick

Having carefully read and considered the many suggestions for renaming the Washington football team, I have come to the conclusion that we need a name that truly reflects the regional nature of the team and the culture of this region and also responds to the national perception of our city and region. I propose the Washington Gridlock.

The obvious reference to our region’s traffic challenges, the accurate characterization of Washington politically and, to a lesser extent, the similarity to “gridiron” all make this a natural choice for our beloved team.

Tim Smith, Bethesda

Whenever I refer to that Washington football team, I simply call them the Washington Racists.

People used to ask me, “What? Why?”

But they don’t anymore. Now they know why.

Courtney Garton, Annapolis

The Washington Partisans. Immediate recognition by all from outside the Beltway and maybe even globally. Needs no explanation or justification.

Edward Lijewski, Kensington