Regarding Karen Tumulty’s Nov. 26 op-ed, “In Trump’s military, the rules don’t matter”:

Edward Gallagher should honor the Navy SEALS and give up his SEAL trident. Higher callings demand higher integrity. The United States is divided right now into “I can get away with anything” vs. “I act with honor and integrity and do the right thing.” Can you honestly insist that it’s okay for SEALs to take selfies with their dead foes as spoils of war?

If Chief Petty Officer Gallagher acted with honor, he would send a strong message to our nation’s warriors, civilians and foes that our military stands strong and disciplined, on the battlefield and on the home front.

Carol Stricker, Arlington

Regarding the Nov. 25 editorialMr. Trump dishonors the military”:

I fear we are slowly beginning to accept the outlandish and threatening daily episodes of the Trump administration as the normal course, and, as memories of our heroic and glorious history fade, we just try to adjust and live with it.

It is difficult not to consider that the president enjoys tearing down and mocking the institutions of our democracy. His mockery of the Constitution drives home that point. 

His supporters’ ability to see him only in the minute, never taking full measure of all he represents, is puzzling.

It is a depressing exercise just typing these words, but the editorial reminds me I must not be lulled into the world of indifference.

Harry Tenney, Charlottesville