A still of Bobby Fischer in “Bobby Fischer Against the World.” (--/Courtesy of HBO Documentary Films)

In his Aug. 12 op-ed, “To each his own Olympics,” about the upcoming World Chess Championship tournament, Charles Krauthammer wrote that Garry Kasparov is “widely considered the greatest human ever to play the game.” Well, maybe many chess aficionados think thus of Kasparov, but just as many if not more think that Bobby Fischer deserves that accolade.

Kasparov is undoubtedly the “crowd favorite” because of his decent personality and outspoken defense of human rights in Russia, while Fischer’s reputation suffers because he had a strange (to say the least) personality and vehement anti-Semitic bent. Nevertheless, many would point to Fischer’s “game of the century” at age 13 and subsequent string of chess championships, including the world championship, as making him the greatest human player of all time.

Jim Kirkman, Annandale