Regarding the April 7 Style article “41 at 25: A family revival meeting ”:

It’s clear that the legacy of George H.W. Bush is undergoing a transformation. Mr. Bush left the White House in 1992 after losing his bid for reelection, in a landslide, to the previously little-known governor of Arkansas. Americans chose the charm and charisma of Bill Clinton over Mr. Bush’s less exciting, steady hand. In doing so, voters overlooked Mr. Bush’s removal of Manuel Noriega from power in Panama, the successful international coalition that he led to liberate Kuwait and his guiding of a peaceful conclusion to the Cold War, among other accomplishments.

What everyone remembers about Mr. Bush is his infamous “no new taxes” pledge. But looking back, his willingness to compromise with a Congress controlled by Democrats should be admired, especially in a day and age of hyper-partisanship.

People often complain about Washington’s seeming inability to compromise. Ironically, after Mr. Bush compromised, he was thrown out of office. Maybe the current climate explains why we are giving our 41st president a well-deserved second look.

Samuel Moore-Sobel, Ashburn