President Trump walks on the White House South Lawn on Saturday. (Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP)

Congratulations to George F. Will for the insightful and cutting analysis in his Jan. 20 op-ed, “The misery of being Donald Trump.” While he focused on our shabbiest of presidents, rightfully, he did not spare the “many journalists considering him an excuse for a four-year sabbatical from thinking about anything other than the shiny thing that mesmerizes them by dangling himself in front of them.” Nor did he spare the Republican-controlled Senate, which “will not deliberate about, much less pass, legislation the president does not favor.”

In what is increasingly rare in today’s mainstream media, Mr. Will did not frame his analysis with the false equivalency that major media outlets use to give their reporting a veneer of impartiality. Hence, no explicit criticism of Democrats, with whom he rarely agrees. 

Francisco Gonzalez, Bethesda