Clinton Yates’s May 26 Metro column, “Officials who want ‘world class’ need to look no further than D.C.’s Fish Market,” quoted Beth Hanko, 25, who has worked at the Cantina Marina on the Southwest Waterfront for seven seasons, about the new development along Maine Avenue vs. Washington Harbour on the Georgetown waterfront.

Ms. Hanko said that the latter “has the feeling of being [an] upper class, pricey area” and that the Southwest Waterfront “is not going to be just Georgetown people. . . . [It] will be where people from D.C. can come, normal people.”

As the architect of Washington Harbour, I invite Ms. Hanko to visit the Georgetown waterfront, where she will see thousands of normal people from D.C., walking the boardwalk and having a good time at the most popular waterfront in the metropolitan area.

Arthur Cotton Moore, Washington