President Trump speaks with reporters during a meeting with Emir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Ahmed al-Sabah in the White House on Wednesday. (Evan Vucci/AP)

Margaret Sullivan’s Aug. 23 Style column, “The apex for Trump’s ‘fake news’ mantra,” was prescient, especially with its timely call for media reflection.

Sullivan referenced the possible unwitting contributions by the media to normalizing the most bizarre political and rhetorical behavior of this unique and dreadfully uncharted political era.

She indicted, generally, the media for failing to follow up aggressively — North Korean nukes, anyone? — and interviewing on our sacred airwaves known, admitted and proven liars. Newsrooms know who they are.

The list goes on. And so does the media timidity about fully bringing to light the fabricators and their unfolding tales. Relief, please, for all of us — and soon.

Joe Foley, North Potomac