Regarding the Feb. 7 Metro article “ Maryland counties face pressure to cut ties with ICE ”:

From cages along the border to children taken from their parents and then lost in the system because no one kept track of where they were, the heartlessness and cruelty of the administration’s immigration program leave me speechless.

Is it any wonder that we do not want Immigration and Customs Enforcement in our Howard County Detention Center? If every county were to oppose cooperation with ICE, every town and city, every state, it would be impossible for ICE to continue its inhumane work.

Those who have fled violence in Central America looking for a place where they can live in peace find themselves deported back home, where many have been murdered as a result. 

Howard County states that its values are diversity, inclusion and civility toward all. Is it within our values to profit from jails that detain immigrants only to deport them, sometimes for driving under the influence or running a red light? Is that worth someone’s life?

Get those ICE people out of here. Give us back our detention center.

Margaret Goodlin, Columbia