In his March 21 letter, “Shedding light on the universe,” Robert Leary quoted astronomer John Kovac as saying, with regard to the Big Bang theory, that science can never actually prove a theory to be true. Mr. Leary used this to call into question whether the science behind human-caused global warming is “settled.” I would reply that classical Newtonian physics, despite its huge success in explaining everything from an apple falling to the ground to a rocket ship landing on Mars, also can’t be proved true.

However, I would suggest that if someone fired a gun in Mr. Leary’s direction, he’d be well advised to move out of the path of the bullet, even though it might suddenly alter its path in violation of Newtonian physics. Similarly, we would be well advised to heed the vast majority of scientists who say that global warming is a bullet aimed straight at the heart of our way of life, even if no one can absolutely prove that the accumulated knowledge of climatology, based on Newtonian physics, is absolutely true.

Stephen D. Wolpe, Boyds