After the Washington Nationals beat the Milwaukee Brewers on Saturday for pitcher Gio Gonzalez’s league-leading 20th win, The Post quoted first baseman Adam LaRoche on Mr. Gonzalez’s relationship to the Nationals: “This is a big family to him. He cares about everybody” [“ A ‘bulldog’ takes charge ,” Sports, Sept. 23].

By chance, Mr. Gonzalez’s sister and mother, who live in Miami, sat next to my three grandchildren and me at the game. They were warm and generous, and they invited my grandchildren to the Nationals’ locker room to collect players’ signatures after the game — surely, the thrill of their lives.

Children are the mirror of their families. Gio Gonzalez is certainly — in his team focus, his warmth and his generosity — the mirror of his.

Suzanne J. Peck, McLean