I hope that the Prince George’s County Democratic Central Committee will have the courage to stick by its recommendation to replace Tiffany Alston in the General Assembly with Gregory A. Hall [“Hall’s past problematic in nomination for House seat,” Metro, Nov. 16]. I know Mr. Hall only by what I’ve read in The Post; however, it seems that he has a lot to offer Maryland.

What kind of society allows for no possible restitution, no recognition of the contributions a man can make, based solely on the fact that the person has made a mistake and then paid for it and learned from it?

I fear that the kind of second look now being given to Mr. Hall is symptomatic of a society that has become ever more retributive, marginalizing anyone with any kind of criminal record, regardless of his or her change and progress. The community needs people with Mr. Hall’s experiences.

Nancy Hutchins, Frederick