I’d like to address an aspect of the Montgomery County bag tax [“Getting a handle on a new tax,” Metro, Jan. 2] that has been largely ignored.

I am a dog owner. For all of my time as a dog owner, I have reused the free bags that I’ve gotten through the supermarkets and other retail establishments to pick up after my dog.  These plastic bags don’t become litter, nor do they negatively contribute to the environment. Rather, I reuse my plastic bags in positive ways — for myself, my pet, my neighbors and my community.

What am I to do now if I don’t want to pay the tax?

Perhaps I’ll need to stock up on plastic bags from the various pet-bag-dispensing machines I occasionally see in my neighborhood (or at dog parks). Of course, I’m sure many of my fellow dog owners are thinking the same thing.

Maybe I can apply to the government to get a waiver on paying the bag tax, since by reusing the bags I’m essentially “bag neutral.” Perhaps Montgomery County can issue me and my pet a special ID card (I already pay for a license) that will allow me to walk into any retail establishment and obtain free plastic bags for pet-waste disposal.

Pet owners should not roll over on the bag tax. Free plastic bags allow responsible pet owners to contribute to a cleaner environment.

Craig Steinberg, Kensington