For 40 years the New York Times and The Post have landed at my house every morning, seven days a week. That has been a constant, even as the world has drastically changed.

The deliverers now use cars, not bicycles, and deposit the paper in my driveway, not at my front door; the Washington Bullets have become the Wizards; Philip Morris has morphed into Altria; Washington’s airport is now Reagan National; the Rose Bowl game is “The Rose Bowl presented by Vizio”; Cassius Clay is Muhammad Ali; Miss and Mrs. have yielded to Ms.

The Post accepted these changes — and so have I, although some rather grudgingly. People and entities do have a right to change names and be referred to as they wish, whatever their motives.

But another constant has bugged me for lo these four decades: When the New York Times refers in its pages to The Post, it uses “The Washington Post.” When The Post refers to the New York Times, it always is “the New York Times.”

This stubborn childishness is beneath you. Please give “The New York Times” the capitalization it wants and deserves.

Ron Cohen, Potomac