Alfonso Benavente Gutierrez works on reading during a lesson at the B.E.A.R Reading Center in South Bend, Ind. (Michael Caterina/AP)

The report cited in the March 26 news article “Federal government wasted up to $1 billion on charter schools, report says” came from a partisan source. The Network for Public Education’s mission is to prevent charter schools from providing options to kids who need them.

There is no data or analysis to support the report’s $1 billion figure. And the database that the report alleges to rely on from the Education Department does not account for charter school consolidations or conversions to different charter-management processes.

More than 5 million students would like to attend a charter school but cannot.

Entrenched interests would like to keep things just the way they are and distract from real issues, including chronically underperforming district-operated schools. However, until every child is in a high-quality public school, we will continue to work to ensure that barriers are not put in place to limit opportunities.

Amy Wilkins, Washington

The writer is senior vice president of advocacy at the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools.