I appreciated Ruth Marcus’s March 12 op-ed column, “Going to X-tremes,” on how degraded our culture has become, especially in the debased sex of modern adolescence. Unfortunately, she doesn’t offer the solution, which is God and religion.

Ms. Marcus wrote that “bygone” rules such as not allowing members of the opposite sex in students’ dorm room are relics. Respectfully, they are not. I’m a freshman at Brigham Young University, and these relics are our rules, which I enjoy. These rules protect the dignity of each sex and also respect the powerful attraction between the genders. This attraction is perfectly acceptable and wholesome, except when it is misused. Intimacy is sacred, and I believe that it should be reserved until marriage.

Does Ms. Marcus also consider this belief a relic? It is one of the most freeing truths I know. I respect her for recognizing the degradation of society, especially in sexual mores, but a secular culture provides no framework for sexual chastity. If physical immorality is not a sin, why should our physical passions be bridled?

Our culture is degraded, but sex wasn’t the start; it is only a symptom.

Adam Stevenson, Purcellville