For many years, my wife and I have used the movie reviews (including the Family Filmgoer) in The Post to decide which movies to see. Although we don’t always agree with the reviews, we tend to concur 80 percent to 90 percent of the time, which we think is pretty good. So, kudos on a lot of good movie recommendations.

For several weeks, the movie “God’s Not Dead” consistently showed up on The Post’s weekly list of “Top 10 Films” but received no review in the newspaper. Did The Post just blow it on that one and now thinks that it’s too late for a review? I hope that is the case, rather than The Post simply not liking the film’s premise, as expressed in its title. I noticed The Post was on top of “Nymphomaniac” Volumes I and II — which we won’t be seeing.

Paul Whittemore,

Spotsylvania, Va.