Are Virginia golfers immune to the novel coronavirus? I hope so. 

Twice, on my recent walks in Loudoun County, I came upon more than 100 cars parked in front of a golfing facility near Leesburg. I saw five golfers huddled around a golf cart and very few golfers wearing masks. Though I saw a number of duffers keeping their distance as they teed off, I also saw others who seemed oblivious to the dangers.

And what happens when the game ends and the good-natured ribbing begins? How can these golfers resist comparing their scores with lifetime friends? How careful are they about protecting themselves as they leave the facility and head to their cars to drive home?  

The District, Maryland and 15 other states have banned golf as a nonessential business, according to Golf Digest. With more than 5,000 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Virginia, it’s time for Gov.  Ralph Northam (D) to take similar action.

Mike Kiernan, Leesburg