I’m not sure that the three so-called “wise accountants” visiting Mary and Joseph in Dec. 19’s “Speed Bump” [comics] are indeed wise. They told the expecting parents that they could deduct Jesus on the following year’s taxes if they could “hold off a week.”

As the proud father of a daughter born on Dec. 31, I benefited from an entire year of tax deductibility even though she spent less than one day on Earth in that year. A real tax advantage.

Glenn Easton, Chevy Chase

Regarding Alan S. Miller’s Dec. 14 Free for All letter, “No commentary in the comics ”:

I personally enjoy the commentary of “Doonesbury.” It reminds me of “Li’l Abner” by Al Capp, who, like Garry Trudeau, lampooned politicians and the establishment. Those of us who remember Dogpatch and how enjoyable it was to have a comic strip that gave the politicians hell by spoofing their misguided assumptions of life know that Trudeau is just part of a proud tradition.

William F. Baxter, Stevensville, Md.