Regarding Jack Goldsmith’s Feb. 19 op-ed piece, “On counterterrorism, the system worked”:

Mr. Goldsmith cited strong popular support for the prison for terrorism suspects at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, but no one in Washington should mistake “popular” for “wise.” Not only does Guantanamo Bay empower our enemies by giving them a recruiting tool, it undermines the United States’s credibility and, therefore, its ability to lead the struggle against terrorism. Guantanamo makes us all less safe.

Poll numbers should not lead President Obama to reconsider his goal of shutting down Guantanamo. Our country needs leaders who have the moral courage to do the smart thing, and the right thing, in the struggle against terrorism, whatever polls happen to say.

C. Dixon Osburn, Washington

The writer is director of law and security at Human Rights First.