Virginia State Sen. Jennifer T. Wexton (D-Loudoun) and Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-Va.). (From left: Steve Helber; Alex Brandon/AP)

The Sept. 5 Metro article “Gun policy may play major role in Va. race” was narrow in its treatment of the issues affecting this race.

Virginia’s 10th Congressional District is much greater in area than Great Falls and progressive-leaning Loudoun County. Its boundaries extend from Fairfax Station north and then west past Winchester. The National Rifle Association and gun policy are not the only issue voters will consider. State Sen. Jennifer T. Wexton’s positions on democratic socialism, tax policy, gang violence and general safety are glib, weak and not convincing. Former congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords can’t help her with those. Ms. Wexton’s legislative track record is opposite of what I want in someone representing me in Congress.

Bob Orlosky, Fairfax Station