An exhibitor's table at a 2016 gun show in Chantilly, Va. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Rep. David Trone’s May 8 Gun Violence Prevention Forum was a thinly disguised attempt to rally support for more gun control legislation. Not once did Mr. Trone (D-Md.) or any member of his panel offer a substantive proposal to actually reduce gun violence.

Co-starring in this well-choreographed production was Rep. Lucy McBath (D-Ga.), who accused the National Rifle Association of pandering to gun manufacturers. Maryland Del. Lesley J. Lopez (D-Montgomery) blamed the NRA for blocking passage of gun initiatives she helped sponsor in the Maryland House. Joseph Sakran, a trauma surgeon, said it was “not cost effective to change human behavior,” therefore, gun policies needed to be changed instead.

I told Mr. Trone I was disappointed that his forum was one-sided and no real solution was offered, just more gun control laws that don’t work. He asked if I had any solutions. I said, yes, take away kids’ social media accounts, violent TV, movies and video games, put God back in schools, and do something to curb sex and drugs in schools.

A member of the audience at Mr. Trone’s forum said there were a lot of illegal guns in Montgomery County, that Germantown was “on fire” and about to become the next Dodge City. Yet Maryland has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation.

It’s the tough stuff that matters, not the smoke and mirrors. Unfortunately, our legislators don’t want to do the hard work they were elected to do.

Kathy Gugulis, Gaithersburg