Pro-gun owners in front of the National Rifle Association headquarters in Fairfax on July 14, 2017. (Oliver Contreras/For The Washington Post)

Regarding the Aug. 10 front-page article “Trump confident on gun legislation”:

Some say the problem of gun-control legislation is deeply embedded in the concept of freedom itself — a highly complex social state that is extremely difficult to achieve and maintain. For freedom to succeed, the desire for it must be firmly rooted in each citizen and form the moral beacon around which the fabric of the greater society is woven, a very difficult challenge indeed. Sadly, this rare achievement, which has taken centuries to perfect, can be quickly altered if we allow ourselves to be misled by politicians and the media to believe that legislation restricting access to guns of any sort will influence the behavior of moral misfits or mental deviants.

Should such legislation be passed, we are not likely to be any safer, but we will most assuredly be less free.

Robert J. Muzzio, Potomac Falls

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