At left, “Enchanted Christmas” starring Rene Rivera, Alexa PenaVega, Jaynee-Lynne Kinchen and Madison Hall. At right, Lea Coco and Lacey Chabert in “The Sweetest Christmas.”

I agree with everything Monica Hesse wrote in her Dec. 11 Style article, "All aboard the schmaltz train!" My family and many of my friends watch the Hallmark Channel all year but look forward to the "Countdown to Christmas" in December.

What a pleasure to watch something wholesome and sweet. So what if it's a little cheesy and predictable? We love the Christmas spirit, family and love it portrays. The beautiful, festive scenery is amazing. And the characters actually use the word "Christmas," not the current politically correct "holiday."

We don't want depressing, violent or obscene TV programming, which is most of what is on these days.

I'm not surprised that Hallmark reached 4.9 million viewers with "The Christmas Train" on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Maybe TV sponsors and writers should take a hint about what people want to watch.

I understand that Hallmark is coming out with another channel, Hallmark Drama. I can't wait to get it in our area. I probably won't have time to watch a non-Hallmark channel of gloom and doom. Doesn't that sound wonderful?

Joan Harrison, Rockville

Having thousands of descriptive words at their disposal, whatever would possess The Post's writers and editors to appropriate an obviously Yiddish term, "schmaltz," to describe the most non-Yiddish of Christian holidays ["All aboard the schmaltz train!"]?

David Weinstein, Ellicott City