I was disturbed to read about the dispute between Brendan Sullivan III and Rob Elwood over Headfirst Baseball [“Buddies now bitterly playing for keeps,” front page, Nov. 5], but I must take issue with The Post’s statement that their business “materialized thanks to the win-at-all-costs spending that characterizes youth sports.”

My son attended a number of camps and clinics run by Headfirst Baseball, and he played on a team for them one summer. Far from having a “win-at-all-costs” mentality, the organization placed very heavy stress on good sportsmanship, supporting teammates, respecting the umpires and being appreciative of the support from parents. Their clinics always ended with a lesson along these lines, and these lessons were reinforced during the games.

It makes me very sad to read that these two individuals, who were mentors for my son and thousands of others over the years, have been unable to sort out their disputes, but that does not reflect on the nature of the enterprise they built together.

Rick Talisman, Bethesda