The Post’s excellent discussion of the Immigration Reform and Control Act [“Missteps of 1986 overhaul haunt immigration debate,” front page, Feb. 4] reminded me of President Ronald Reagan’s famous phrase “There you go again.”

There were 3 million to 5 million illegal immigrants living in the United States in 1986, when the measure was signed into law. Today there are upwards of 11 million.

Last time, the American people were told that border enforcement would be enhanced and businesses would be required to verify the legal status of those they hired. This time, the senators who drafted the Bipartisan Framework for Comprehensive Immigration Reform assure us, the Border Patrol will be provided with “the latest technology, infrastructure, and personnel to prevent, detect, and apprehend every unauthorized entrant” and businesses will use “non-forgeable electronic means” to determine the legal status of employees.

Right. Here we go again.

Nathan Austin, Dulles