The March 21 editorial “ ‘The time to act is now’ ” referred to “the National Rifle Association’s stranglehold on lawmakers” and the resulting difficulty in passing legislation that would restrict “assault rifles and high-capacity magazines.”

This problem and a host of others could be solved overnight by simply doing away with the possibility of reelection to the same office: one (perhaps longer) term per customer. The power of the NRA and other lobbying organizations would be greatly curtailed if those in Congress were, in effect, immune to the influence of lobbyists. It would also get many more people involved in government but on a temporary basis, resulting in a constant stream of fresh ideas.

Governing shouldn’t be a matter of finding ways to hang around for 30 or 40 years. Give it your best for a prescribed number of years, then give someone else a chance. The effect of such an approach to government would be staggering.

Lawrence R. Glaser, Olney