Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. (Carolyn Kaster/AP)

A-B-C, it’s easy as 1-2-3.”

— The Jackson 5

Apparently not for Hillary Clinton. When FBI agents showed Clinton an email from her private server with the classification marking (C) for “confidential” on it, the notes from her FBI interview said, “Clinton stated she did not know what the ‘(C)’ meant at the beginning of the paragraphs and speculated it was referencing paragraphs marked in alphabetical order.” CNN reports, “The former secretary of state said she did understand when an email was marked ‘confidential’ at the top, and ‘asked the interviewing agents if that was what ‘c’ referenced.’ ”

Good. God.

The FBI Sept. 2 published a detailed report on its investigation into Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while she was secretary of state. (Sarah Parnass/The Washington Post)

Did the FBI even bother to ask her, “Madam Secretary, if you thought it was alphabetical, then where are (A) and (B)?”

The fact is, every single person in America with even the lowest level of security clearance knows what (C) means. Clinton served on the Senate Armed Services Committee, where she regularly received classified information with a (C) marking on it. As secretary of state, she likely read classified documents with (C) markings every single day. And we’re supposed to believe she thought it was an alphabetical marking?

This was a fantastical argument for anyone with a security clearance, but it was totally lacking in credibility for someone with her proven pattern of deceit. Clinton has repeatedly changed her story: First, she told us there was “no classified material” in her private emails (which the FBI says was untrue). Then she told us there was nothing “classified at the time” (which the FBI also says was also untrue). Finally, she told us there was nothing “marked classified” in her private emails (which the FBI says was also untrue). So now she tells FBI interviewers that she does not know what (C) means, and they believe her?

The existence of any emails with classification markings destroys Clinton’s claim — which the FBI also bought — that there was no intent on the part of Clinton and her staff to send classified email on her unclassified system. The reason is simple: There is no way to “accidentally” send a document marked classified by unclassified email. Top officials have separate computers for classified and unclassified information, and the two systems are not connected. The only way for something marked classified to make it onto an unclassified system is for someone to intentionally put it there — either by typing the classified information into an unclassified email, or by downloading the information from a classified computer onto a thumb drive and then putting that thumb drive into an unclassified computer. Both actions require intent — and both are against the law.

So if we know that Clinton aides intentionally put information marked as classified into her unclassified private email system, then why did the FBI buy her claim that all the other unmarked intelligence was not placed there intentionally as well? The FBI shamefully gave Clinton and her staff a free pass.

Worse, the bureau also called its own independence and integrity into question by releasing the Clinton interview notes on the Friday of Labor Day weekend. The “Friday News Dump” is a tried and true tactic used by administrations of both parties when they want to bury bad news. And the especially bad news gets released on the Friday before a major holiday. So why would a supposedly independent agency bury the news by releasing it when millions of Americans are off at the beach?

Hillary Clinton corrupts every institution she touches. Her actions compromised the integrity of the State Department. Now, she has compromised the integrity of the FBI. And if she has her way, she will compromise the integrity of the presidency — just as easy as A-B-C.

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