Regarding the Jan. 10 front-page article “Justice Dept. to wrap up Clinton-related inquiry”:

Occam’s razor says the simplest explanation is usually the right one. The theory took a severe beating during the Obama administration more broadly and specifically with respect to matters involving former secretary of state Hillary Clinton. The Uranium One “scandal” was always questionable and unlikely to yield damage to Ms. Clinton, at least in more truth-aware segments of the polity. Same for the Clinton Foundation. A compliance investigation, instigated in part under pressure from Republicans and mendacious conservative agitators, cleared the foundation, in stark contrast to the investigation results of President Trump’s fraudulent charity. The historically controversial investigation into Ms. Clinton’s emails, provoked and stoked by obsessive Clinton haters, found a paranoia-fueled judgment error, not a crime. It was never the treason or betrayal of the United States the haters railed about constantly. “Lock her up” is a disgusting example of a very sick polity.

And the mother of them all, Benghazi, will be remembered by history as a particularly ugly example of today’s hyperpartisan, scorched-earth politics. The investigations found Ms. Clinton was not responsible for that tragedy and there was no coverup. Someday, a perspicacious historian or journalist will write the book exposing how Ms. Clinton, a typical mainstream politician, became, on a sea of falsehoods and political hatred, the malevolent witch of American politics.

Bill Conrad, Alexandria