Prince George’s County schools chief Kevin Maxwell in 2016 in Upper Marlboro, Md. (Mark Gail/For The Washington Post)

I worked for the Prince George's County Board of Education for 30 years, 13 as a high school counselor, before retiring in 2000. The kind of grade manipulation described in the Nov. 4 Metro article "Report confirms widespread changing of grades in Prince George's" was no surprise and has been a problem for years. Every educator who worked for the county knows this.

Of all of the thousands of grade changes I encountered throughout my career, never once did I witness one to lower a grade. What does this tell one? Everyone knew that the pressure to change grades and graduate students with insufficient credits or who had massive unexcused absences originated from principals, vice principals, coaches and administrators at the top of the school system. For schools chief Kevin Maxwell to suggest the school system was exonerated with this report is rich.

Where is the list of names of administrators to be held to account for participating in these shenanigans?

Michael J. Runfola, La Plata