The Sept. 28 editorial “Post-election choices” noted that Turkey, citing Washington’s “lacking of initiative” on the Syrian crisis, hopes for a more active U.S. role after our election. I believe there are similarities between events in Spain during its civil war and events in Syria today:

Spain, 1936-39: Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini provide major aid to Francisco Franco’s right-wing military uprising against Spain’s democratically elected government. France, Britain and the United States maintain neutrality and do nothing for the republican side. By 1939, Franco wins.

Syria, now: Iran and Hezbollah send advisers and even boots on the ground in support of the Assad regime as it continues to massacre its own people. Meanwhile, the United States declines to provide weapons to rebels fighting to rid Syria of its criminal regime. Further, the United States reportedly leans on Turkey to block anti-aircraft weapons from reaching the rebels (claiming such weapons will make matters worse).

Is there a parallel here?    

Paul Reinstein, Rockville