I can understand owner Aaron Gordon’s desire to use his doughnut shop as a place to pay homage to the fading memory of a local graffiti artist [“Frosted reception,” Style, Jan. 31]. What’s perplexing is the hate spewed on Facebook by people who view Mr. Gordon as a crass exploiter.

Vilifying Mr. Gordon is easy. What’s harder is working with him to come up with permanent ways to keep Cool “Disco” Dan’s work alive in our city. Why not take five or 10 cents spent on every doughnut and put it toward a local graffiti art center dedicated to a man who once turned to art instead of drugs in the face of life’s adversities?

The art is significant enough to warrant a Corcoran Museum exhibition and a documentary but not, apparently, a place in the District where people can go to remember the cultural impact Cool “Disco” Dan once had on the city.

Cool Disco Doughnut had the potential to be something special. Now Zeke’s D.C. Donutz is just another doughnut shop.

Wendy Melillo, Kensington