Democratic presidential candidates participate in a debate hosted by CNN on July 31 in Detroit. (Paul Sancya/AP)

So, Democrats fear they are jeopardizing their chance to beat President Trump in 2020 because there are too many candidates in the nomination race [“Democrats blitz Iowa with rising anxiety,” front page, Aug. 11]. Here’s a way they can choose a sure winner:

Conduct a poll of independent voters in the battleground states consisting of the following statement: “I will not under any circumstance vote for a candidate who supports or does not explicitly reject” followed by the entire list of policy proposals put forward by the candidates themselves, including the Green New Deal, Medicare-for-all, eliminating the electoral college, reparations for slavery and decriminalizing unauthorized entry into the United States. Independents are less likely to approve of the more radical policies being bandied about by the Democratic contenders. When the poll results are tallied, the candidate with the fewest “checked” boxes would be the person best positioned to beat Mr. Trump in the battleground states. After all, the key to beating Mr. Trump in those states is for the Democrats to garner a majority of votes from independents.

Edward Grimes, Springfield

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