Regarding the Dec. 9 editorial, “Remembering Robert Asher”:

My husband and I feel fortunate to have been neighbors of Bob Asher’s for 36 years. His stentorian voice and concern for the D.C. area and the nation are legend. However, so far, no one has mentioned the wonderful column he wrote for a few years in the Weekend section — Family Out.

As a mother of two young children, and then living a couple of miles from our current home, I looked forward each Friday to Family Out, where Bob reviewed family-friendly restaurants in the area, recounting the escapades of son Bobby and daughter Julie. When we moved two doors from Bob in 1983, I had moved next to one of my favorite celebrities. Forget all the grand editorial work he was doing — I lived by “Mr. Family Out”! His children became real people, along with wife, Jane, and, of course, Bob himself. Over the years, Bob became much more to us than Mr. Family Out. We will miss his perspectives on historical and current events, along with his humor and that incredible voice.

Lisa Roney, Washington