The May 19 photo and the May 26 Free For All letter [“Following the rules of the road”] about a young woman riding her bicycle in traffic with her earphones on would be hard — I thought — to beat for unsafe bicycling, but the May 27 Outlook photo with “D.C. has boomed” takes the proverbial cake.

Let’s see:

●riding in a construction zone, where normal traffic patterns are likely different, with possible unexpected obstacles;

●riding one of those community time-share bikes that the rider is probably not fully familiar with;

●riding with a child who could distract him at any time strapped in front of him;

●the child positioned so that he or she will likely hit the pavement before the rider in the event of an accident;

●riding with a briefcase strapped to the front handlebars, creating an awkward weight balance that affects the bike’s steering;

●riding without a helmet (it is not clear whether the child is wearing one); and probably most important

●a driving public too often distracted by their “screens and earbuds” on that same road.

Gee, what could go wrong? And this is presumably a parent charged with the safety and well-being of the child.

Chris J. Krisinger, Burke

All the bike-safety zealots will be infuriated by that picture of a man, heaven forbid, not wearing a helmet and carrying a baby while riding a bicycle. Well, at least the baby was wearing safety yellow.

Ati Kovi, Potomac