I applaud Maryland Del. Ariana B. Kelly (D- ­Montgomery), her fellow women legislators of Maryland and their 26 male colleagues who seek "to make Maryland the most woman-friendly state legislature in the country" ["Maryland's reckoning on sexual harassment has arrived," Local Opinions, Dec. 31].

As they pursue their goal, I urge them:

●Treat inappropriate actions taken by unmarried vs. "married senior colleague(s)" as equally egregious. In her opening paragraphs, Ms. Kelly appeared to distinguish, perhaps inadvertently, between the two. Sexual harassment is sexual harassment, regardless of the marital status of the harasser or the harassed.

●Advocate "prohibiting romantic and sexual relationships between supervisors and subordinates or interns" and creating protection and accountability for lobbyists. Ms. Kelly wrote that the Maryland Women's Caucus will "weigh" these possible "tough policies" to prevent harassment. Weaker policies than these would render their effort to reduce sexual harassment in their workplace impotent.