Regarding Robert McCartney’s June 15 Metro column, “ Ex-top cop: Expand Capitol complex and ban vehicles ” :

The last thing our representatives need is a further sense of isolation and self-importance. While former Capitol Police chief Terrence W. Gainer cloaked his proposal in the veneer of green space and walkability, all it really would do is further cordon off the Capitol “green zone” from the public. While we lament that our representatives are out of touch with everyday people, we surround them with Jersey barriers, giant cement planters and green posts.

We need to protect our symbols of power, but they are marble and brick and can be rebuilt. We must seek to protect leaders, but they, as we prove by exercising our right to vote every two years, are temporary stewards of our democracy. Serving our country by working and living in Washington is an honor and should be a risk politicians are willing to take without the guarantee of a 12-block security perimeter.

William Bates, Washington