The Post is right to urge an end to the selection process for the design for the Eisenhower Memorial — a process that is becoming more monumental than the memorial [“Almost there, Ike,” editorial, Aug. 10]. Finalizing this memorial might free us to undertake a public discussion of plans to memorialize other presidents, national figures and wars.

One of the hidden national treasures in our country was the privately held President’s Park in Williamsburg. Sadly, it was closed in 2010 for lack of revenue because of the Great Recession. But in its heyday, it contained beautiful 18- to 20-foot-tall busts of presidents No.1 1 to No. 43 — an innovative idea by Houston artist David Adickes, inspired by the Mount Rushmore National Memorial.

Could the government acquire those busts, if they haven’t already been sold, and bring them to Washington, perhaps to the Tidal Basin to start a new tradition?

Rick Barry, Arlington