The discussion of George F. Will’s “synthetic hysteria” [“A ‘synthetic hysteria’ hit parade,” letters, March 2] reminded me of the false dichotomy between faith and science.

When we “believe” something that scientists say (e.g. the “cooling” of the earth, circa 1975, or its present “warming”), we do it on faith, since most of us are not scientists ourselves. In his letter, Frank Brodersen said that this current faith is more than 12 years old (I don’t know how long the 1975 faith lasted), but I recall that faith in the gradual demise of dinosaurs lasted a very long time; it has now been replaced by the belief that the existence of the dinosaurs ended very abruptly when a great asteroid struck the Earth.

We should always bear in mind that faith in science can be very shaky, whereas faith in God has existed ever since man has existed and will last forever. 

Dimitry Zarechnak, Silver Spring