I’m sure that Robert Griffin III will prove to be a fine second quarterback taken in the NFL draft [“Sky’s the limit for Griffin,” front page, April 22]. But I wonder what other big-city newspaper would devote nearly three full pages in its first section to this kind of story during baseball season?

The Post Sports section has some of the best columnists and writers on the entire staff. Their articles should be there, allowing more space for hard news.

George Guess, Potomac

It’s a sad day when The Post publishes a Sunday edition that aims to attract sports talk-radio fans rather than longtime readers expecting actual news. Why were most of the front page and two inside pages devoted to a college football player who may become a Washington Redskin? Subscribers expect to read about the world’s many important events.

At least wait until Robert Griffin III wins a Super Bowl for the Redskins to put him on Page 1.

Ellen Herscher, Washington