I am a Kurd. At age 30, I have seen violent death too often in my brief life. In 2013, Jabhat al-Nusra set off a bomb in Kobane that killed my 67-year-old father. In 2014, my sister Shirin Hesen was martyred while fighting the Islamic State. An international coalition soon intervened, and U.S. weapons supported our military forces. We thought, “The great state of America is supporting us!” The U.S. attacks and our fighters defeated the Islamic State in January 2015 and saved my hometown. 

Kobane was in rubble, but we had a home. On June 25, 2015, death visited my family again. An Islamic State gang covertly entered Kobane and slaughtered many Kurds, including 11 members of my family. I went out of my mind. Eventually, in honor of my slaughtered brother and his wife, I opened an all-Kurdish library in their names. Now, Turkey wants to invade Kobane, to deport or slaughter its people. My library is the only meaningful thing in my life. If I have to leave my hometown and my library, I will go mad.

We have built our life expectations on the promises of the U.S. government. In the name of humanity, do not allow the Turks to attack Kobane. I call on the American people to take action, to go to the White House and tell President Trump not to abandon the Kurds. It is your human duty to prevent your loyal Kurdish allies from being massacred.

We Kurds want only to live in dignity on our land.

Ednan Hesen, Kobane, Syria