Vacationers enjoy the boardwalk in Ocean City, Md., in 2015. (Bill O’Leary/The Washington Post)

I’m glad to see Ocean City took a preventive step to protect against the irreversible damage of someone seeing a bare breast [“Ocean City acts to keep women from going topless at beach,” Metro, June 11.]  Too bad Maryland could not have been as farsighted as to pass a law making it illegal to run over a bicyclist in a crosswalk — until someone was killed [“Protection for Maryland cyclists,” Metro, June 11].

Orren L. Peterman, Derwood

What does the Ocean City Council have in common with the leaders of Qatar and the United Arab Emirates? Apparently a prudish fear of women’s breasts. To complain that a topless woman is inappropriate on a “family-friendly” beach is the height of absurdity. (It certainly didn’t alarm or harm my grandchildren, who ignored the topless bathers in the pool at a Mexican resort.) C’mon, people. Get over this.

Jim Kellett, Harrisonburg, Va.