The National Rifle Association’s most recent proposal, delivered as a task force report, is an affront to all citizens interested in a reasonable response to the problem of school safety [“NRA-backed study urges armed staff at schools,” news story, April 3]. The NRA appears to have assembled a group of security experts to affirm Executive Director Wayne LaPierre’s recommendation shortly after the Newtown, Conn., school shooting that the most effective response to such an incident is armed personnel in all schools. Absent from the task force were researchers who have spent years studying school violence.

After arming school personnel and security staff, will we up the ante and require armed personnel at playgrounds, in movie theaters and other places when shooting tragedies occur in those locations? 

During the past 50 years, the auto industry initially resisted many safety features that are now required equipment on all passenger vehicles. Design changes and new equipment have made cars safer and have contributed to a decrease in automobile deaths. Can’t we as a nation take similar steps in response to unfettered and nearly limitless access to guns?

Peter Leone, Rockville

The writer is acting director of the Justice Policy ­Institute.